The Map

Our story will take place across a large slice of the Republic, represented by this map.

The entire campaign will take place on these worlds, but not every world will actually play a role in the story. Like any good Star Wars tale, this core campaign will be broken into 3 chapters, and each chapter will take place on 3 worlds, some of which will be revisited in more than one chapter. After the end of the main campaign the story may continue on other worlds, but by the end of the campaign less than a dozen of these worlds will be visited. The party won’t always know what worlds they will visit ahead of time, so any of these could be fair game.

There are no coincidences in the Force, so destiny has led the Heroes to have special relationships with these worlds. Characters should all either come from one of these worlds, or have a part of their backstory that relates to these worlds. Character’s Contacts should all come from these worlds, too, which will greatly increase the chances that they will be encountered and can be used.

Here are some brief descriptions of these worlds during the period of time that the campaign takes place in:

Alderaan: An ancient and noble arboreal world within the Republic Core. Alderaan is famous for the numerous noble families that rule it, most of whom sided with the Revanchists during the Mandalorian wars, and then the Sith during the Jedi Civil War. The nobles are now trying to reconcile with the Republic, which has allowed a small population of Kilik to take root there.

Arkania: This frozen world of ice and tundra is inhabited by the Arkanians, a race that evolved from humans on Coruscant and colonized Arkania in 8004 BGSW (8060 years ago). The Arkanian nobles are masters of biomedicine and genetic engineering, and have created many slave races from their own DNA, as well as enhance themselves. At this time Arkania has just recovered from a failed attempt to secede from the Republic.

Bandomeer: At this point in history Bandomeer is mostly wilderness, with a small population of native Meerians involved in agriculture and trading with other Outer Rim worlds.

Bestine: Bestine is an uninhabited Ocean world, with many small spire-islands that rise out of the ocean’s surface. There is a large refueling and docking station here orbiting the world that is used by pirates and smugglers as an informal trading port.

Botajef: The Botajef shipyards were infamous during the Jedi Civil War as the base of operations for the Sith Fleet. Although it was later discovered that most of the Fleet was actually being constructed by the Star Forge at Lehon, Botajef was still a major refueling and repair station. During the Jedi Civil War the Botajef space docks were badly damaged, but Botajef is still one of the largest and most important shipyards in the Outer Rim. Botajef is now controlled by a Republic Governor, and defended by a large Republic Navy garrison.

Commenor: Sitting at the heart of several minor hyperspace lanes is the planet Commenor. Commenor has a large population, but it is far enough away from the major space lanes to keep it from becoming overpopulated. Commenor was considered a major center for learning, but was the site of a major battle between the Sith and Jedi during the Jedi Civil War, which badly damaged the planet’s infrastructure.

Corellia: Although it has a smaller population than Coruscant, the Corellia system contains 5 habitable planets, whose total population exceeds the capital of the Republic. Corellia is famous for its engineers and pilots, as well as its strong independent streak. Numerous corporations are based here.

Corsin: Within the Inner Rim is the exciting and beautiful world of Corsin. The capital, the only major city on the planet, is home to some of the best swoop bike racing in the Galaxy, and has a thriving race culture. Outside of the capital is a beautiful expanse of lush wilderness that conceals numerous ancient ruins.

Coruscant: The gleaming capital of the Republic is the planet Coruscant. This planet was originally called Notron, the homeworld of the human race, and is now a massive planet-wide city housing over 65 Billion races from all over the Galaxy. Coruscant is the home of the Republic Senate, the Jedi Order, and numerous other Corporations and organizations.

Denon: Like Coruscant, Denon is covered with a planet-wide city, except for its polar regions. Denon has seen much combat in the last thousand years, as it was the site of one of the largest battles of the Great Hyperspace War, and numerous smaller battles during the Jedi Civil War.

Duro: The homeworld of the Duros race is one of the oldest worlds in the Republic. The Duros, originally a slave race of the Rakata, were the first species to reverse engineer the Rakata’s Hyperdrive technology. After years of rivalry with the nearby Corellian system, the Duros have made peace with their human neighbors to form one the most powerful industrial-economic enters in the Galaxy.

Felucia: This world was only recently discovered within the last decade. Although it is very close to the territory of Revan’s fallen Empire, the Sith never should interest in the planet. Today farmers have begun to extract medical chemicals from the planet’s vast and colorful fungus-life, and a small refueling station and chemical-processing station orbits the world.

Genassa: The homeworld of the M’Shinn has only recently made contact with the Republic. The M’Shinn are a symbiotic species of pseudo-mammals covered with a thick green moss that feeds off them, while simultaneously providing them with warmth and accelerated healing. The M’Shinn live in harmony with their world, and have covered it with farmland and living plant structures. They are currently well behind the normal level of technology for the Republic, but possess advanced genetic and botanical science.

Gizer: Gizer is a very average world covered with a wide variety of different environments, primarily plains. The majority of the people on Gizer are humans, but many other races live here as well. Gizer is most famous for the production of Gizer Ale, a moderately alcoholic blue beverage enjoyed by human’s and other races throughout the Republic.

Hapes: The idyllic capital world of the Hapes Cluster is ruled by the most powerful matriarchal human society in the Republic. However, the nature of the Hapes cluster has left the world very isolated from the Republic. Only two hyperspace lanes enter the Hapes cluster, and travel around the cluster is impeded by dense star clusters, blackholes, and powerful pirate organizations.

Ithor: The homeworld of the Ithorian species is covered completely with dense jungles and forests that contain some of the widest variety of useful plants in the Republic. The Ithorians live in close harmony with their world, and believe that everything taken from the jungles must be replaced by something of equal value. To protect their world the Ithorians have adopted repulsorlift technology and moved their entire population to beautiful floating cities far above the planet’s surface.

Kashyyyk: The forest homeworld of the mysterious Wookie race is currently recovering from a series of disasters. During the Jedi Civil war the planet was outside the reach of Republic laws, and fell victim to widespread slavery by the Czerka corporation. Eventually the Wookies staged a rebellion against Czerka, but the resulting war caused terrible fires that inflicted immense damage on the forests and Wookie cities. Kashyyyk is currently the newest planet to join the Republic, having elected and sent their first Senator to Coruscant in 41 GSW (13 years ago).

Kuat: One of the first worlds colonized by humans from Coruscant. The planet of Kuat has become famous throughout the Republic for its shipyards and heavy industry. Kuat is one of the wealthiest planets in the Republic, and has a strict caste system ruled by the heads of the 10 wealthiest families on the planet. Kuat is ringed by orbital factories that are so large they can be easily be seen from the planet’s surface.

Kwenn: This swampy world is located near a hyperspace lane between the Republic and Hutt space. The world itself is mostly worthless, with no advanced life and very few natural resources. More importantly is the massive space station orbiting the world maintained by the Hutts. This station acts as one of the last refueling and transshipment points between the two great nations, making it a major site for trade, both legal and illegal.




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The Map

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