SAGA- Shadow Republic

Session 4

Kidnappers, Splicing and Stealthiness!

Back at the ship Antodarr and Jorah are selected to scout the Location where the drop is planned, they arrive at the granary silos and attempt to locate tactically a important locations (unfortunately this is not their area of expertise) after walking around stealthy for a while, Jorah decides to set up a 3 camera’s and then they make their way back to the ship.

Sula sends Anya an email about what is going on but she needs additional help so Sula sends Jorah to Anya to get additional data. They spend the day attempting to hack into the cameras around the station, after reviewing the security schematics, they determine that only a on-site hack can accomplish this. Jorah goes to S’zahpir to see if they should hack into the camera’s, they discuss the benefits and determine it is too much of a risk, however insanity with butterfly kisses and whispering ensues.

The gang goes to the rendezvous point; Jorah, Sula and S’zahpir go in the main way, with Antodarr coming in stealthy as backup. Zekk is present with a large crate, S’zahpir walks forward and Zekk motions for Sula and Jorah to stay behind. Once S’zahpir shows the credit chit, Zekk shows him that there is a little girl inside the crate, who has been heavily sedated. They make the exchange, while this happens Sula notices that on the top of one of the grain silos, a sniper is hidden. She keeps an eye out on this. S’zahpir quickly gathers the girl and gets her back to the cargo speeder. Sula texts over the network the location of the sniper. When he is safe, S’zahpir says, “Too bad we were not able to save the other slave children…”. For some reason, this sets off Jorah, who uses his jet-pack to get to the silo where the sniper was located – he then engages in hand to hand combat with Cado, Zekks brother.

Seeing Jorah enter into action – Antodarr and Sula rush to stop Zekk from escaping. Antodarr sees Zekk jump on a speeder and power it up, he throws a ion grenade attempting to disable the speeder, but miscalculated the distance and throws the grenade against the granary, missing the speeder completely. Sula shoots the speeder with her ion pistol, but doesn’t do enough damage to stop it from lifting off. The speeder lifts up 50 feet and hovers around the top of the silo where Jorah and Cado are engaged in hand to hand combat. The fight is not going well for Jorah, while he is not taking much damage, he is also not landing much damage onto Cado – their skills appear to be evenly matched.

Antodarr, frustrated with his earlier grenade mishap, times his next ion grenade perfectly, throwing it up into the air and detonating onto the speeder – smoke starts billowing away from the speeder and it lowers a few feet – but it still remains in the air. S’zahpir drives up to the silo, and uses his force powers to force choke Zekk into unconsciousness, this causes the speeder to hit the silo – Jorahs superior reflexes allow him to keep his footing, Cado is not so skilled and falls flat on his back. Sula shoots the speeder again, causing it to come crashing down. Zekk falls out of the speeder, unconscious, bleeding and broken.

S’zahpir pushes Cado off the edge of the silo, who falls the 50 feet, hitting his head and falling unconscious. Sula, seeing the wreckage of the speeder, notes to the party that worker droids and security will be on the way, they wrap up the Rodian’s in mesh tape and pile them into the cargo speeder. They exit the area without any additional incidents. S’zahpir contacts Gester Avencray for a rendezvous point and let her know that they have the child and the kidnappers. They meet at a warehouse, it is a very emotional meeting. Gester and her husband are in tears and rush over taking their now sleeping daughter in their arms. After composing herself, Gester hands her daughter to her husband and asks that he take her to the waiting car. She then thanks S’zahpir , who then asks her for assistance in entering the 3rd floor – she stops him before he provides any details on our objective, but after a terse exchange, she agrees to help – but wants assurances that whatever the group’s goal – it doesn’t hurt Zerka corp – she has no fucks to give about the Ithorians. As an added bonus, she takes the party to the storage area of the Zerka warehouse, and allows each member of the party to take 1 advanced item of their choice.

Gester and S’zahpir make plans to meet for the next night, Gester request that the party also send an email from the Herd alpha to the appropriate leader of the Ithorians, which will provide Zerka with permission to do mining in the area they need. 2 members of the part will be able to accompany Gester to the 3rd floor mission on the next night. The Group reviews the datapad that was left by Zekk after the exchange, finding a location where additional children were being held, they went to the location but where only able to save 3 of the 4 children due to the booby-trap that was set.

Antodarr and Jorah are selected to accompany Gester the next day to scout out the Municipal Building. They are taken through security and provided security badges. Unexpectedly, they happened upon a maintenance room where Jorah is able to hack into the networks, after an intense splicing battle – Jorah not only downloaded the virus and sent Gester’s email – he was able to upgrade their security badge access and add in a data bomb that will destroy all the personnel data if anyone looks for his information. Later that night, using the upgraded security badge, Antodarr was able to sneak into the 3rd floor of the municipal building – his extreme skills allowing him to sneak undetected throughout the building. He then climbs the Ithorian tree of light up to the idol and steals the prize. He then escapes without a trace.


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