Gestel & Danari Avencre


Party Corporate Contact


During their mission on Ithor the party came across Gestel and Danari Avencre, who were desperately trying to get the Ithorians to help them find and rescue their missing daughter. When the party not only found and rescued their daughter, but also captured and turned over her kidnappers, they made allies for life.

The Avencre’s are influential members of Czerka Corporation’s Ithorian mining mission. Although they have a very limited sphere of influence, they are able to get the party access to special equipment and special discounts on items produced by Czerka.

Gestel Avencre is a human from the Core Worlds who is a career executive with Czerka. She is a powerful and fearsome negotiator, and an extremely dedicated Czerka employee.

Danari Avencre is from the Outer Rim world of Tatooine, and is an expert geologist and planetologist who worked for Czerka’s mining operation on Tatooine. He is a quiet and stern man who lets his more aggressive and driven wife take the lead.

Gestel & Danari Avencre

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