The Story

This is not a classic Star Wars story.

Star Wars stories are grand adventures where larger than life characters wrestle with concepts of good and evil, with outcomes that influence millions, or billions, of lives. These are difficult stories to play in a classic roleplaying game structure without players tripping over each other and becoming trapped within the existing canon of the setting.

Instead, the goal here is to create a story designed from the ground up to be an adventure that relies on a party of characters working as a team to accomplish objectives. The Star Wars setting is almost an afterthought: a common foundation to create a shared experience for the players.

Keep this in mind when creating character concepts. The temptation in any Star Wars game is to create a mighty hero or villain that will change the universe, but this game will be more enjoyable with gritty and realistic characters. Complexity and subtlety are far preferable to power and moral certitude.

The heroes of this story are desperate and down-on-their-luck rogues. They have been cut-off from whatever families, or organizations, or support they once had, and are now gambling with their own lives in the hopes of securing the better future. They have accepted employment from a man that normally they would know better than to trust, but who they are willing to follow because they have nothing left to lose.

These heroes are a valuable commodity, however. No matter how bad their situation is, they have unique skills and talents that set them apart from other people in the Galaxy. United together as a team, following the guidance of a leader who knows how to exploit their abilities, they might just have a chance at becoming greater as a group than they are individually. For the first time in years these heroes can dare to hope, and can risk everything for a second chance at a better life.

The Story

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