The B-Team

In addition to their main character, everyone will get to make a “B-Team” character. These characters will be NPC’s under the complete control of the GM, but the players will get to design these characters themselves, including their backstory.

Since two of the main themes of the Old Republic Campaign Setting are hidden threats and betrayal, the GM reserves to the right to tinker with the backstories of all B-Team characters, but for the most part these will be original creations made by the players who are completely loyal and useful to the party.

B Characters start at 5th Level.

B Characters can be any of the same Classes that the A-Team can be, and can also be any Non-Heroic class. B characters can be any of the unrestricted Races that an A Character can be. In addition, any number of B characters can also be Droids.

B-Team characters should also have a common origin.


B-Team characters are each meant to fill a support role job for the party, staying on the sidelines and providing extra equipment, technical assistance, or expert advice to help the party achieve their objectives with greater success.

Every B-Team character must have a job that they were hired for, which will be the focus of their skills and knowledge. Even if they have skills that will allow them to do other useful things for the party, they can still only have one job, and that will be the primary benefit that they give the party.

To fill a job the character must meet the job requirements, but in exchange the party will gain special benefits based on the job.


Requirements: 6 Ranks of Pilot Skill.

Role: This character will be able to pilot the party’s Starship as well as piloting any other vehicles they acquire. Without a pilot it will be impossible to move the party’s base of operations, so even if the party doesn’t have a formal pilot they will still need someone with the skill to pilot the ship.

Benefit: A dedicated pilot will give the party a massive boost to speed and mobility. Having a Pilot allows the party to perform airborne insertion and extraction for missions.

Intelligence Analyst

Requirements: 4 Ranks in Gather Information Skill, 4 Ranks in Perception Skill.

Role: An Analyst is an expert in gathering and interpreting intelligence. They take the data gathered by the field agents, combine it with information from other sources, and draw logical conclusions that can lead the party to new options and opportunities.

Benefit: An analyst will grant the party additional Connections, and may provide additional insight and information during the planning stage of missions.

Dedicated Slicer

Requirements: 6 Ranks in Computer Use Skill, 4 Ranks in Knowledge (Technology) Skill.

Role: Unlike the party’s main Slicer, a dedicated Slicer either stays home with the Ship, or connects to the HoloNet from a remote terminal. Dedicated Slicers use a cybernetic datalink to become one with the data stream and can access endless amounts of information as well as infiltrate enemy networks to corrupt security systems or support Slicers in the field.

Benefit: Dedicated Slicers can perform support slicing to help the party while they are in the field. As long as they are able to stay in comlink or HoloNet contact with the party, they can grant 1 of two benefits: All members of the party gain a constant +2 circumstance bonus to all of their Computer Use rolls, or the Dedicated Slicer can let one other Slicer in the party perform an extra Slicing action each round (this action is rolled using the Dedicated Slicer’s Computer Use skill, with a -4 circumstance penalty.)

Tech Expert

Requirements: 4 Ranks in Computer Use Skill, 4 Ranks in Knowledge (Technology) Skill, 4 Ranks in Mechanics Skill

Role- Every spy needs a specialist to keep them well stocked with gadgets to give them an edge in the field. A Tech Expert can specialize in a single field, or have a wealth of general knowledge, from robotics, engineering, chemistry, or other fields.

Benefit: A tech Expert can perform repairs on the party’s gear, droids, and vehicles. In addition, each Tech Expert in the party chooses one Expertise. The Tech Expert can then provide the party the benefits associated with their choice:

Explosives Expert- The Expert can provide 5 Grenades of any type (except Thermal Detonators), 3 blocks of Detonite, or 1 Explosive Charge to the party during the planning stage of a mission.

Shield Tech- The Expert can provide the party with 2 SR 10 Light Shield Emitters, 2 SR 20 Medium Shield Emitters, or 1 of each type during the planning stage of a mission.

Droid Tech- In addition to servicing all of the party’s other droids, the Droid Tech will provide one member of the party a pet K-X12 probe droid. The Tech can only provide one of these, but he can fix it between missions as many times as necessary (unless it used its self-destruct, in which case it is lost forever).

Medical Expert- This Expert is skilled with chemistry and biology, and can produce useful chemicals for the party. When he joins the crew he will supply the party with a free Medical Kit. In addition, during the planning stages of missions he will provide 5 free Medpacs.


Requirements: 2 Ranks in Computer Use Skill, 4 Ranks in Knowledge (Technology) Skill, 4 Ranks in Mechanics Skill

Role: Armorer’s are an essential supporting role for a party that favors the use of violence. A skilled armorer will be able to maintain, repair, and upgrade firearms and body armor for the party.

Benefit: In addition to performing regular maintenance, an Armorer can modify the party’s equipment for special operations. Each Armorer in the party can choose one Style appropriate to their race or backstory, which allows them to apply the corresponding templates to any piece of generic equipment in the party’s inventory (any item that already has a template cannot be modified, and certain special items, like Wookie Bowcasters, also cannot be modified).


Arkanian/Snivvian- Arkanian Manufacture

Core Worlder- Cinnagaran Manufacture

Former Jedi/Sith Weaponmaster- Cortosis Weave

Echani Mercenary- Echani Manufacture

Former GenoHaradan Weaponmaster- GenoHaradan Manufacture

Ex-Mandalorian- Mandalorian Manufacture


Requirements: 6 Ranks in Treat Injury, 4 Ranks in Knowledge (Technology)

Role: Mercenaries understand that with their line of work comes a greatly increased chance of suffering physical harm. As a result, many of the most successful mercenaries try to retain the services of a Doctor who can patch them up after a mission goes wrong.

Benefit: In addition to performing Treat Injury and Surgery rolls as needed, hiring a Doctor also provides the party with two Kolto (Bacta) Tanks that will be installed on their starship. The Doctor can also provide the party with 2 free Medpacs during the planning stages of a mission.

The B-Team

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