The A-Team

Character Creation

The “A-Team”

The mysterious benefactor hiring the party is actually hiring 2 parties. He needs a team of agents to undertake his missions, but also a support team to help them through.

The first party will be the PCs. The boss has hired these skilled operatives by sifting through the scum of the galaxy searching for perfect jewels lost in the refuse.

“A-Team” characters will start at 7th Level.

In addition, everyone will get to create a B character. These support experts are not nearly as talented as the main party, but will make useful personnel that will supply expertise and equipment the party may lack. Even though the players will create these characters, they will be NPC’s under the control of the GM.

Now, the bad news.

I know everyone wants total freedom when making a character, not to mention the trust of the GM, but I will be putting fairly tight restrictions on starting characters. It’s not that I don’t trust anyone’s ability to make a character, but I want characters to initially fit the story that I have written.

The mysterious benefactor who has hired all of you has specifically sought out certain individuals, each of whom he has tracked down because a particular talent, each to perform a certain function within the group he is forming. He does not want more than one person for each job, but the universe is not filled with down-on-their-luck loners with exceptional talents, so he will compromise when necessary.

For Every Player, a Role.

Because they are being hired as a group of strangers to perform specific missions, the party will be made of individuals with a variety of different talents. These are represented by “Jobs”, vague titles that describe what a character’s primary talents are. Unless you come up with a very good reason, there should only be one character in the party for each job: that’s why you were recruited into the party, after all.

There are more jobs to be filled than players in the party, so there is some freedom to choose and customize the party’s make up. Also, none of these jobs are class specific, although some classes will do better at certain jobs than other classes, you can choose any class you like and build your character anyway you want to perform your stated job. However, they must be able to perform the job they were hired for.

Hitter- This character provides the muscle and security for the party. When things go wrong he has the power to force things to be right again. Whether he does so with skill, brute strength, the Force, or massive firepower, the Hitter’s job is to neutralize threats and protect the party.

Slicer- For thousands of years the backbone of the Republic has been built on computers. Financial systems, security systems, droids, starships, and much more rely on computers, and the Slicer’s job is to exploit technology for the benefit of the party.

Infiltrator- Whether they use stealth, distraction, gadgets, acrobatics, or a combination of all of them, the Infiltrators job is to get into places that they are not supposed to go.

Face- The Face’s job is to target the weakest point in any system: the sentient element. Using charm, confidence, disguise, and deception a Face can get things that no one else can, simply by asking his enemies to hand them over.

Leader- The mastermind behind the team has a mix of many different talents, but his true strength lies in planning and in effectively using all of the abilities of his other team members.

Shooter- The Shooter is a specialist in raining pinpoint destruction on his enemies from afar. Whether this is accomplished with precision firearms, heavy weapons, or mastery of the force, the Shooter can be both a master assassin and long-range insurance policy.

Demoman (or woman)- Explosives are an art form in and of themselves, and the Demoperson’s expertise allows them to create both massive devastation or precision destruction.




The A-Team

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