All citizens of the Republic are issued Identity Chits upon request, which they are expected to use to identify themselves whenever they travel internationally. On some worlds, particularly in the Core, these are more commonly called Identichips or Identitags.

Identity Chits are small pieces of duraplas that contain a small holoprojector with a perfect image of the owner as well as a unique encrypted memory circuit containing the owners name, homeworld, and genetic profile.

The circuitry used to create an Identity Chit is specially encrypted so that it can only be written onto once. After a chit is used the data encrypted onto it cannot be altered without scrambling all of the rest of the data on the chip and permanently ruining it. To prevent people from scrambling their Chit by accident the circuitry is completely encased in duraplas except for two contact points that only allow the information on the Chit to be read. Also on the surface of the Chit is a small holoprojector matrix and the inscribed name of the owner, written in Galactic Basic.

Using Identity Chits

The Old Republic is a free and open society, and citizens are rarely required to present identification. Since altering facial features is difficult, and altering genetics is nearly impossible, Identity Chits are usually only needed for travel between star systems and dealing with important government issues.

When a citizen is required to present their Identity Chit usually all that is required is showing off their holoprojected image so that an official can compare it to the citizen’s face. Occasionally, like when they are passing through a customs inspection or involved in a criminal investigation, officials can use an Identity Reader to read the information on the Identity Chit to perform a more in depth identification.

Since the end of the Dark Wars many worlds, especially outside of the Core, have become much more lax in security procedures. Because it can take hours, or even days, for remote worlds to compare Identities with the Republic’s Bureau of Census most prefer to perform a facial scan only. On the most backwater worlds ships can even land without a traveler’s identities being confirmed once.

Faking Identities

Making fake Identity Chits can be done in a number of ways. It is fairly simple for an engineer with enough skill and the right parts to make a chip with a fake name and a holoprojector with a fake face. Since most security forces will only perform a facial scan, a good fake and enough confidence can pass most inspections. However, as soon as an official pulls out an Identity Reader the fake will fall apart.

To make a fake Identity Chit pass a scan a Slicer would have to breech the security network that an Identity Reader is connected to and spoof the Reader to pass any Chits that it reads. By doing this a Slicer can force a Reader to pass anything that he wants, even a blank chunk of duraplas becomes a perfect fake. However, the networks that Readers are connected to are usually very secure, and if security guards take a biometric sample of a subject and compare it to the false information spoofed into their system the fake identity will be revealed.

The only perfect solution to creating a fake identity is so improbable that it has become an underworld legend. If a Slicer was able to get a blank Identity Chit they could imprint any information that they wanted onto it. If they were also able to upload their fake identity into the Republic Census it would be impossible to discern the fake from a real identity. However, blank Identity Chits are one of the most closely guarded assets of the Republic, and the Republic Census is one of the most heavily protected computer systems in existence. Although this task is considered impossible for the average Slicer, it is widely rumored that the Exchange made off with an entire case of blank Chits a few years back and that they have their own back door into the Census system.

Advanced Identities

Sometimes a much stronger form of identification is required. These are known as Identification Kits or Diplomatic Kits, or sometimes simply Identikits. Carried by important Diplomats and Officials, these kits contain much more thorough identification and biometric information. Identification Kits also contain information on any Diplomatic privileges and titles possessed by the owner.

Identification Kits are issued by the Republic Senate to Diplomats, Governors, Ambassadors, Senators, Military Commanders, and Jedi Masters. In addition to being the most secure form of portable identification that a person can own, these are the most reliable way for an official to prove diplomatic immunity and other privileges granted by the Republic.


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