For this game we will be using the rules from the Star Wars Saga RPG. From the research I have done these rules appear to be the cleanest, simplest, and most popular of all the Star Wars RPGs. FFG’s new Star Wars RPG is intriguing, but there is not much out for it yet and I don’t want to learn a new rules system. Since the Saga rules are almost exactly the same as d20, with the exception of some improvements to Hit Points and Armor Class, I thought it would be the easiest for everyone to use.

Saga has a very limited number of classes, but within those classes there is almost as much customizability as d20 Modern. Everyone should have enough freedom to come up fairly unique and custom characters using just the system from the Core Rulebook.


So, what books will you need? In order from most important to least important, the four books that will be most essential for this campaign are:

Star Wars Saga Edition Core Rulebook

Essential guide for all the rules, and everything needed to start a new character.

Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

A nice sourcebook that gives great general information about the setting, as well as some additional races, character classes, and equipment that are appropriate to the setting.

Scum and Villainy

An excellent “how to” book about being a Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, or Scumbag in the Star Wars universe. Has a few new races, classes, abilities, and equipment that will come in handy, plus some additional special rules that I may be using.

Unknown Regions

An expansion book about exploration that contains several races that were more common in the Old Republic era. Also has a handful of useful abilities and rules.

Since these books are all out of print they can be hard to find and very expensive. If you don’t own them already, or have easy access to them, Jacob was able to obtain a nice set of PDFs for all of them.

Other Books

Although they are much less important than the books listed above, I will also be drawing material from the Threats of the Galaxy, Starships of the Galaxy, Scavenger’s Guide to Droids, and Galaxy of Intrigue books.

It may be handy to have access to these, but you probably won’t need any of them.


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