Hunter's Star

The party's starship and base of operations.


The Hunter’s Star is a ship that has been supplied to the party to act as both their transportation and mobile base of operations. Hunter_s_Star_Map.jpg

The Hunter’s Star has been heavily modified to make it into an excellent mobile platform specifically designed for Mercenary work or Bounty Hunting. The comfortable crew cabins will easily accommodate 9 humanoids, and optional bunk bedding increases that number to 17.

The Hunter’s Star has been fitted with a number of optional modules to increase its usefulness.

The Star has a fully equipped medical bay, with room for 2 optional Kolto tanks.

There is a Droid Bay that can house up to 8 different droids at a time, for easy charging and maintenance.

A Vehicle bay, with attached machine shop, is available for storing a wide variety of additional vehicles. The Bay can store 1 Speeder, and 1Swoop Bike; but, with the addition of an optional vehicle storage rack the bay can house 1 additional speeder or 2 additional swoop bikes. With some heavy modification the vehicle bay could even be converted into a launch bay for a single small starfighter.

The spacious cockpit, stolen directly from a Barloz-class freighter, can comfortably seat 4 individuals, including: Pilot, Co-Pilot, Commander, and Communications Specialist. The cockpit also features an updated Navcomputer, allowing the ship to travel via hyperspace to any system that contains a hyperspace beacon, without the need for a navigator.

A centrally located common area includes an advanced conference table with a integrated HoloNet communication terminal, and comfortable seating for nearly a dozen humanoids to gather around.

The ship is equipped with a forward firing missile tube, and has dorsal and ventral mounted quad-laser cannon turrets attached to the center of the saucer section.


Starting with the classic design of the Barloz-class Light Freighter, the designers at the Corellian Engineering Corporation wanted to create something much more modular and unique. Starting with the cockpit, communications, hyperdrive, and engine room from the Barloz, the engineers added on a large saucer-shaped section that was designed to house a number of modules that could be interchanged so that the ship could meet a number of different roles.

The idea was not widely accepted by the CEC board of directors, who felt that it would be more in the company’s interest to build a wide variety of ships that were each suited to a single purpose, or focus on their popular XS line of multipurpose freighters. The design proved to be ahead of its time, and in a few millennia the CEC would revisit the concept when designing their wildly popular YT-series of freighters.

Only 100 YG-750’s were ever produced, and were only ever intended as a test market to determine the popularity of the design. After their release only a handful of the ships sold, while the rest were left to rot in Starship warehouses in the Corellian system. After CEC cut the price of the ships back in order to clear their inventory space the galaxy began to realize the superiority of the YG-750. Off of the show-room floor the ships were terrible: slower and less well armed than their XS competition. However, once owners began to modify and experiment with their YG-750s the real advantages of these ships were revealed. The YG-750 offered a much deeper range of customization and easier modification than the XS-series, making them a hit with independent captains.

The Hunter’s Star is no different. Management must have been very lucky to procure one of these rare ships, and it has been modified exceptionally well. The Hunter’s Star is an excellent and one-of-a-kind ship for its purpose.

Hunter's Star

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