Van Blacktear


B-Team Pilot

Van provides the party with an expert pilot, which allows them to use their ship for delicate operations. The party can perform aerial deployment and rapid drop-offs from their ship, or use the ship for get aways, even in the middle of firefights, as long as their is enough room to land the ship.

Having an expert pilot will also give the party an edge in space combat.


Van Blacktear was born on the planet Tatooine, where there were very few prospects for advancement. Van’s options were trying to work his way up through the ranks of Czerka corporation, making a name for himself as a hunter in the desert, or joining the Exchange. Van opted for the latter and became a courier for the Exchange.

For many years Van went from one life threatening situation to another, becoming an expert at piloting speeders and speeder bikes. During this time he first began to work with Antodarr and rise through the ranks of the Exchange. Once he had made enough money he purchased a used freighter and began to work for the Exchange as a Smuggler.

Antodarr and Van began working together more and more. Van became Antodarr’s favorite transportation and getaway pilot and the two became close friends. However, when Antodarr was kicked out of the Exchange their association backfired for Van, and he was also blacklisted by the organization.

Antodarr and Van went their separate ways, looking for any work that they could find, and the two have not seen each other since.

Van Blacktear

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