Korwin Silero

The party's Fixer, Supervisor, and Handler.


Korwin only stands 5’6", but has a tough compact build. Korwin has dark hair and dark eyes, and very average features. Korwin almost never smiles, and can often be caught staring off into the distance with a sad look in his eyes. Any veteran of combat can recognize this look, and identify him as a fellow soldier.


Korwin is the party’s fixer and handler. He has been hired specifically to oversee the party’s actions and to give them their next assignments. Korwin manages a difficult balance, providing the party with their pay but also making sure that they stay on task.

Korwin’s relationship with Management is unclear, but he appears to be completely loyal to the party’s employer. If the party thinks that they can betray Management, or take advantage of him, there is little doubt that Korwin will stand against them.

Korwin Silero

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