Kalno Kohr


S’Zaphir Corporate Contact


Although the source of their friendship is unclear, Kalno and S’Zaphir apparently met at a high society function on Kuat.

It is rare for a non-human to rise to power on Kuat, as the planet adheres to a rigid caste system with the heads of the 10 most powerful human families ruling over the planet with an iron grip. However, aliens make up the majority of the population of the galaxy, and any corporation looking to do business off of Kuat is likely to hire a few alien employees. This is how Kalno got his start, but thanks to a series of lucky and extremely lucrative off-world contracts he has risen far beyond his humble beginnings. Kalno is now President of Extra-Stellar Markets for Kuat Drive Yards, and oversees all major production operations owned by KDY that take place outside of Kuat proper.

Kalno Kohr

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