Ithorian Security


Ithorians a large dark-skinned humanoids whose eyes sit on a tall stalk above a pair of wide mouth slits which they use for speaking and breathing. Because of their unique look the Ithorians are know throughout the Galaxy as “Hammerheads”.


Ithorians are one of the oldest races in the Republic, having been members for over 8000 years, and have been major trading partners with the Core worlds throughout. Ithorians are herbivores who live in large herd communities where peace and harmony are very important traits. As a result Ithorians prefer diplomacy over violence, and are very slow to anger.

Because they prefer peace, Ithorians do not like arming themselves and prefer to use combat droids to provide physical security. For this purpose the Ithorians prefer mass produced combat droids that are easily replaceable, under the direct control of Ithorian security agents.

One unique exception to normal Ithorian culture are the Ithorian Commandos. These warriors have such a strong sense of protectiveness over the rest of their race and the Mother Jungle that they no longer share the rest of their races preference for peace. The Commandos don heavy powered armor suits and powerful defense weapons and personal shield generators. With so much defensive equipment they are incredibly tough, and would rather give their own lives than allow harm to come to their herd.

Ithorian Security

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