Det. Yii-Tang

Senior criminal investigator of Corellian Security.


Like all Kel-Dor, Yii-Tang’s appearance is considered extremely alien and even terrifying to the human psychology. However, Yii-Tang is actually a peaceful and thoughtful individual with a strong commitment to justice.

Yii-Tang prefers to wear clean and crisply pressed uniforms at all times, and even when he is off duty he tends to wear very precise and formal clothing. Even his environmental filter, which he wears at all times, is kept meticulously clean and maintained.


Yii-Tang is one of the senior investigating officers of the Corellian Major Crimes Division of CorSec. He has reached this title after many years of service to the Republic, first as a soldier during the Mandalorian Wars, and since then as a law enforcement officer for the Corellian Security Force, CorSec.

Yii-Tang served as a soldier out of a sense of duty, but never developed a taste or talent for it. Yii-Tang is a man of peace at his core, and has never been comfortable with the idea of killing. However, when he returned home to Corellia after the Mandalorian Wars he found a way to fulfill his commitment to duty, without resorting to violence, as a member of CorSec.

His meticulous nature and thoughtful demeanor made him a natural investigator, and after bringing the leaders of a violent glitterstim ring to justice he caught the notice of his superiors. From here his rise through the ranks was swift, until reaching his current position in the Major Crimes Division. For years he has brought organized crime rings and crime bosses to justice, but the enigmatic mastermind known only as “Management” has always eluded him.

Now Yii-Tang pursues Management’s operations, growing ever-closer to catching his nemesis and his agents.

Det. Yii-Tang

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