Davenk Orron


S’Zaphir Freighter Captain Contact


Davenk is a trader and freighter captain, and proud owner of a Dynamic-class Freighter. They originally met when S’Zaphir was a passenger on Davenk’s ship, and have been friends and occasional business partners ever since.

Davenk is a stereotypical Corellian: he loves to fight, he loves to argue, and he loves to break rules, but at the end of the day he is a man of his word and a loyal friend. Davenk and his droid crew have been working for years along the hyper lanes of the galaxy, surviving like most freighter captains do on a mix of guts and good luck.

Davenk discovered a new business model when he met S’Zaphir, and got into the high-end passenger and diplomatic parcel business. The cash infusion Davenk got from his new venture allowed him to take his operation to the next level.

Davenk Orron

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