Czerka Security

Czerka Corporation security forces.


Unsurprisingly, Czerka Corporation has one of the most merciless and well-equipped security forces in the Galaxy. Thanks to tactics they learned while working with the Sith, and the most advanced weapons, armor, and droids from their own factories, Czerka are extremely dangerous.

Despite a decade of trade sanctions, scandal, and declining profits, security is one thing that Czerka has never skimped on. They go out of their way to use what wealth and power they have left to recruit the best candidates possible from the military and from the criminal organizations they are secretly allied with.

Czerka favors human agents, but they also hire Rodians, Trandoshans, Ithorians, Duros, and other aliens who are former soldiers. However, there is a limit to how high aliens are able to rise in the organization.

Many of the oldest members of Czerka’s security forces trained alongside the Sith when the Corporation’s headquarters was located on Korriban, and were specially trained in how to deal with Jedi investigators. These veterans are resistant to Jedi mind tricks, and are rumored to have access to a wide variety of anti-Jedi weapons.

The younger members of Czerka’s forces have a reputation for being brash, arrogant, and borderline criminal. They are a thuggish group trained at Czerka’s new headquarters on Corellia, recruited from criminals, failed smugglers, and disgraced law enforcement.

Czerka Security

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