Correllian Security


The Correllian Security Force, also known as the Correllian Public Safety Service, or CorSec for short, is the governmental police force of the Correllian Sector. Although it is an almost completely human force, CorSec is extremely wide-ranging and employs a wide variety of experts in its force. Dressed in smart white or grey uniforms with gold buttons and green piping, they are also a very disciplined and professional force.


CorSec is one of the largest and best organized police forces in the Republic, serving not only the high population of Correllia, but also the 4 other populated worlds of the Correllia system, and several of the other systems of the Correllian Sector, like Duros.

As a legitimate police force CorSec is responsible for all security and keeping the peace on the worlds of the Correllian Sector. However, they are funded by the mega-corporations that occupy Correllia and they often feel their first responsibility is to their benefactors.

The majority of the CorSec force are lightly armed and armored investigators and patrolmen, but the organization has access to a wide variety of specialists and heavy hitters. Computer experts, surveillance experts, pilots, and undercover operatives are just a few of the agents CorSec can call on. In addition CorSec has an elite team of combat experts they can call on in dangerous situations. These operatives use heavy armor and military equipment to deal with the most dangerous situations that CorSec is called on to deal with.

Finally, CorSec has a secret weapon it can call on: the Green Jedi of Correllia. The Green Jedi survived the Dark Wars much more successfully than the rest of the Jedi sects by fortifying themselves on their homeworld. After Meetra Surik defeated the remaining Sith Lords in 45 GSW, the Green Jedi emerged as a largely intact organization. The Green Jedi are famous for their investigative prowess and their skill in combat, and even though they are few in number, they help CorSec with criminal investigations whenever possible.

Correllian Security

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