Bumani Exchange Security


The Exchange recruits exclusively from criminals within their own organization to provide their security. Exchange security is impossible to predict, although some Exchange bosses prefer agents of a certain species over another. Exchange agents choose their own weapons and armor in most cases, as long as they are loyal to their employers.


The Bumani Exchange Corporation is a front organization for the Exchange, the most powerful criminal network in the Galaxy. By incorporating their security the Exchange has been able to create a semi-legitimate army of ex-Criminals.

The Exchange recruits entirely from the seedy underbelly of the Galaxy, hiring assassins, thieves, bounty hunters, and thugs to fill their ranks. When going up against the exchange there is no way to predict what kind of force you will be facing, except that they will not hesitate to resort to violence.

Life in the Exchange can be very lucrative, but also very dangerous. Exchange guards have a high mortality rate, and usually lack the formal training of other security agencies. As a result Exchange guards are often less experienced and trained than other security forces. On the other hand, veteran members of Exchange Security are among the most vicious killers in the Galaxy, and can prove to be surprisingly dangerous and unpredictable.

Bumani Exchange Security

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