Barkor Gaz


Sula Crimelord Contact


Presumably, Sula met this contact during her time working as a mercenary after leaving the Republic Army.

Barkor is not a typical Mon Calmari, but instead grew up closely influenced by the Quarren race on his homeworld. From a young age Barkor desired power, and found that the Exchange could provide him as much power as he could take. Barkor rose quickly through their ranks, until reaching a point where he was running several different smuggling crews.

Barkor was unable to rise higher in the Exchange as long as he remained on Mon Cal, so he relocated to Hutt space, where there is always a demand for talented smugglers. Using his natural Mon Calmari talents for wide-scale tactical thinking, Barkor expanded smuggling operations in the Outer Rim and Hutt Space from his new base of operations on the Kwenn space station.

Barkor Gaz

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