B-Team Intelligence Analyst

Anya can provide the party with extra advice, intelligence, and incite. In addition she will give the party general intelligence briefings before and after missions to help them better prepare.


Anya has a mysterious and self-assured grace that marks her as a woman of experience. Anya does not like to speak of her past, but a careful search of the Holonet and public records reveals a vague trace of her path.

Anya was born on Ryloth, but her parents moved to an agricultural colony on Felucia while she was still a baby. Until the age of 12 her family lived and worked in the Outer Rim, raising pharmaceutical crops for AdasCorp and subsistence farming. Everything changed when the Mandalorians invaded, and massacred the small colony on Felucia. The only colonists that were spared were the children, who the Mandalorians sold into slavery with the Hutts to help fund their invasion.

For the next two decades Anya’s history becomes hard to follow, but during this time she lived as a laborer, a pleasure slave, a dancer, an advisor to a crime lord, and eventually a noteworthy power-broker in the Outer Rim.

Whatever happened next can’t be found in any public record, but it appears Anya was betrayed and lost whatever wealth and influence she had amassed. Since then she has been roving the Galaxy working as a fixer and a mastermind-for-hire for various gangs of thugs and criminals.


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