AdasCorp Security


AdasCorp Security officers are extremely proud and tend to be pompous and arrogant. When they are on duty they always wear clean pressed uniforms, or military grade power armor.


The noble Adasca family takes great pride in their security forces. Their agents are Human and Arkanian veterans, as well as the descendants of Arkanian off-shoots who were originally genetically engineered for combat.

Arkanian security receive special training in hand-to-hand combat from the personal guard of the Adasca family. Even the newest members are skilled in martial arts, and veteran agents stay in shape by training constantly.

Within the security agency there is an elite inner cadre of warriors who receive special genetic conditioning and are equipped with the latest adrenals and medical supplies developed by AdasCorp’s latest military biomedical innovations. These guards have a reputation for erratic and eccentric behavior due to their adrenal use, but they are extremely dangerous warriors.

AdasCorp Security

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