SAGA- Shadow Republic

Session 2

A Full Party!

The party meet at the shipping dock, where they see their ship: The Hunters Star. Korwin provides the credits for the successful job and the party boards the ship. They then meet the others who will accompany them on the journey, including Anya, a red skinned twi’lek woman who will be a debriefing them on the mission from last night as well as Ka-Tu-Un an an Imperial Probe droid.

Korwin lets the party know that the goal of enterprise is for them to complete 5 Missions – 2000 credits per mission will be awarded with 15k credit bonus each at end of last missions. The plan starts with the Party heading to Duros for the last member of the crew.

The party sets off, with a little clash between Anya and Sula, whose personalities don’t seem to mesh. They land at Duros, admiring the strange planet which has yellow ground and purple sky – there the meet Antodorr, the last member of the party. Once he boards the ship they begin their journey to Ithor- a planet wide jungle, specifically -Trandormire which is a space station whose technology is supplied by the republic.

Korwin provides additional information on the natives, including that the Ithor people are not skilled with technology, as a result all their computer systems are in isolated networks – which are the targets. The goal is to get into a municipal building and plant a piece of code into the network – additional objects include:

  • The Authorities must not suspect that their network has been compromised, Municipal Central Computer System
  • Optional – steal a sacred idol – 5kg which will be in one of the buildings – it is a holy relic – theft of this from the building will distract from the PC building. Data indicates that it is located on the top floor of the municipal building.
  • They must complete the objective within 1 week of arrival.

Tentative Plan: Sula & S’zaphir will scope out the IT Departments together information on their comings and goings, while Jorah and Antodarr plants recording devices and camera’s in strategic areas, they will try to find information on where the network resides or how to gain access to the 2nd and 3rd floors and/or their layouts.


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