SAGA- Shadow Republic

Session 1

The party gathered together for the first time to meet their potential employer, or at least his agent, Korwin Silero.

Despite being forced to work with strangers, and their lack of trust, the four operatives agreed to undertake a mission to prove themselves to their new boss, and to learn to work with each other. Although the mission was just an audition to prove their skills it turned out to be a great chance for them to learn each other’s strengths and abilities.

Session_1-_Surprise.jpg The mission was to break into a nightclub owned by Reed Fen, a wealthy patron of the arts and club owner on Corellia. The team decided that their best bet would be to break into the club’s offices, disable the security, and then con their way into the club’s private gallery. For the most part things went very well, but the party’s lack of an infiltrator proved to be a major problem when they were forced to break into the club’s offices using brute force. As a result, the two security guards inside saw the party’s faces, and were able to describe them later to CorSec investigators.

Sula and Jorah were able to disable the guards without causing them any permanent injury, and then disable the clubs security systems. Even though they were spotted by the guards, any physical evidence of their presence was destroyed, giving them a big head start on escaping CorSec later.Session_1-_Liir.jpg

Aramil.jpgThe party left behind other witnesses too, a Duros bouncer named Aramil and a local student named Liir. Fortunately, the first one ended up an accessory to the party’s crime, and the latter was to drunk to describe anyone clearly, so these other witnesses were far less useful to CorSec.

Ultimately, the party succeeded with no preparation and very little planning, and managed to escape the planet hours ahead of the CorSec investigators on their trail.


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