The Republic in Turmoil

While I was working on the Infinity- Spy Games campaign I started to be less and less enthusiastic about running the game. As much as I love the Infinity setting, and as much as I knew some members of my group enjoyed it, it lacked the sort of universal appeal and awareness that I knew would really get me and everyone in my group excited.

While taking a break I decided to fool around with some old games, and I went and replayed KOTOR I & II. Somewhere along the way I realized that here was a setting that had the universal appeal I needed, plus all of the elements that made for a great Spy drama.

So I set to work porting all of the NPC’s and storylines that I had written for the Infinity game over into the Star Wars Universe, and created a new game in the process.

This game will be set in the year 3940 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin IV), a time of great turmoil in the Old Republic as it recovered from centuries of bloody conflict and the near destruction of the Jedi Order. The members of the party are all professional mercenaries and spies who have found themselves isolated, desperate, and masterless. The party members have all been hired for their unique talents by a mysterious benefactor to perform a series of missions in exchange for enough wealth to escape their miserable existences.

Check out the Wiki page for more information on backstory and character creation.

SAGA- Shadow Republic

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